Do safety nets systems need to be tested?

Learn about how often must safety nets be inspected and who must do it

Due to the important role that safety nets plays in construction sites, you must test them annualy to check its absorption capacity. Safety nets providers usually supply three test meshes, enclosed to the main safety net. With theese meshes, each 12 month periods, you should check if safety nets continues having the right absorption capacity.

If the control shows that de mesh has at least the minimum absorption capacity required, it can continues working another period of 12 months. Then, the controller agent will give you a certificated as an evidence of the results. If the net does not pass the audit, it must be removed.

When should safety net be inspected?

Apart from annualy tests, the user should do a visual revision before starting the works. Moreover, a competent person should carry up a control of the safety nets status, every 7 days after a handover. Finally, the safety manager should overhaul the netting after living and adverse weather.

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