Falls from heights in construction: Causes

Personal causes and unsafe working conditions are the main reasons for falls from height at the construction sector

Construction work carries with it the danger of falling from a height. These types of falls are caused by different aspects ranging from improper personal acts by workers to unsafe working conditions.

Falls caused by improper personal acts

Lack of knowledge on the part of the workers. The workers do not know the risks posed by working at height, nor the basic safety norms or preventive measures to avoid falls from height. This ignorance is very dangerous since it makes the workers themselves unaware of the different dangers they can run.

Lack of worker skills. Operators can suffer from different physical problems that cause problems when facing work at height, for example vertigo, prone to fainting, blood pressure problems, etc.

Lack of perception of how essential security elements are. Workers have to be aware of the importance of both individual and collective means of security and not see these elements as a nuisance or a hindrance that annoys and hinders their work. They have to be aware that what is at stake on many occasions is life itself.

Unsafe working conditions, reason for falls

Work surfaces. These surfaces can be defective, dirty, slippery, deteriorated, etc. It is very important to make sure that the work surfaces are in perfect condition, without cluttered elements that cause tripping, etc.

Adverse weather conditions. Wind, rain, snow, etc. They are elements that greatly affect work at height and that can cause falls and accidents.

Work equipments. Inadequate, deteriorated or even non-existent work equipment. You have to make sure that the equipment is adequate and that it is in the optimal conditions to carry out the different jobs.

Other dangers. They derive from other circumstances that may occur on the job site, for example the existence of electrical power, overhanging structures, moving equipment, etc.

Confluence of one or more situations

The combination of some of the above causes together with some fortuitous or unexpected act (weather, unusual physical condition, worker interference …) causes the accident. This was indicated in a recent study by the Construction Labor Foundation, the Ministry of Labor and the State Foundation for the Prevention of Occupational Risks from Spain.

Similarly, they pointed out that on rare occasions accidents occur for a single cause: “by eliminating one of them, in some cases, the accident could be avoided.”

Safety and protection nets

Without a doubt, individual and collective protection systems, such as safety nets, are an excellent lifeline in these cases.

Visornets technical team can advise you on which are the best safety nets for a specific case. Get in touch with us and we will help you select them.

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