Formwork nets and their usefulness in preventing objects and people from falling

How to install under formwork safety nets correctly and carry up a proper use of them

The under formwork safety net system (UNE 8165 2013) is made up of horizontal nets placed during the formworking and assembly process of a new slab. Their purpose is to limit the fall to the lower slab of operators or objects.

Under formwork safety nets installation process

The installation process for under formwork nets always begins with the consultation of the supplier’s instructions. It is essential to keep in mind how the supplier indicates that these safety nets must be installed so as not to incur any errors.

Make sure that the steel hooks have a minimum diameter of 8 mm and, of course, that they are not deformed. The safety net is anchored by its border rope to all props. During placement, there should be no operator on the upper floor.

In the case of slabs with a height greater than 3 m., you must use the necessary auxiliary means to install these safety nets.

The staff responsible for assembling and disassembling these elements must be qualified and sufficient in number to carry out these tasks. They should also use personal protection systems as lifelines to further minimize the risks of falling from a height.

Safety net UNE 8165 2013 usage tips

It is necessary to take into account some aspects that are listed below:

– Every day it is necessary to carry out an inspection of the state of the safety elements. At the beginning and at the end of the day and verify their good condition and perfect anchoring and tying.

– Nobody will remove any safety element without a previous authorisation and supervision of a person in charge.

– If people or objects fall, it is necessary to change the net that has been affected.

– Protective system will not be installed more than 1 m below the bottom face of the slab.

– When using material that has already been used previously, it has to be pre-checked for optimal condition.

– Nobody will start assembling the new formwork before the installation of the under formwork net has been completed.

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