How to prevent falls through skylights

We already know that falls from different heights are among the causes of serious accidents or death in the construction sector. Many accidents occur while the operator is climbing or descending or simply because he does not know beforehand the place where he is working and does not have controlled elements that can be dangerous for the development of his work. But how can we provide protection for skylights? How can we prevent falls through skylights?

These skylights are dangerous if they are not properly signposted and protected as required by law. Add to this the fact that, even when closed, a fall is likely to occur before a worker is aware of it.

Skylights fall protection: tips

Here are some tips for preventing falls through skylights.

Secure the workspace

Skylights must not only be clearly marked, but also guarded. Edge guards must be used to prevent workers from accidentally entering an area that is not safe. Pre-screening of the workplace should be carried out by the safety officer and should be repeated periodically so that potential hazards are controlled.

Lighting of the work area is crucial

Many falls occur because operators cannot see where they are going. On many occasions it is not possible to complete the work during daylight hours, on other occasions the surface where work is being carried out is located in a dark place. It is important to illuminate the dark areas where work is to be done. In this way, workers will have a full view of all hazardous elements in their work area.

Installing collective safety systems in skylights

Collective safety systems are different from individual protective equipment, as their effectiveness does not depend on the initiative of the employees, which is why they are also called passive safety elements. For example, safety nets are suitable elements to protect workers in the event of a fall, even if the injured person has not followed the individual safety protocols established by the company.

Training and informing workers

Although it may seem obvious, informing workers about potential danger points is the key to reducing accidents at work. In most cases, falls from skylights occur simply because workers did not know it was there, they were not aware of the danger. Operators should review workplace plans before entering the area, identifying any potential hazards before they are encountered.

As noted above, collective or passive safety systems are particularly effective in preventing fall accidents. These systems do not require workers to follow additional safety steps or have specific knowledge of how to put on personal safety equipment.

At Visornets we can advise you on the best option for skylight safety nets to prevent workers from falling through theme. Contact us for more information.

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