Personnel safety netting

Personnel safety netting are the preferred methode of fall arrest when working at heights

At Visornets, we are personnel safety netting manufaturers, based in Spain. Our nettings has as raw material Polyamide or Polypropilene fibers. From them, we manufacture and supply safety nets for construction industry, according to EN 1263.1 and 1263.2 standards.

Personnel safety nets are mostly used during construction of buildings to avoid or limit the fall of workers from heights. The purpose of safety nets is to arrest a person’s fall, absorbing the energy of falling. It can lower not only insurance costs but also protect nearby property or pedestrian near construction site. Moreover, if we add to the personnel safety net a fine mesh netting, it becomes a very effective way to catch debris or tools.


VisorT Evo Fan

VisorT Evo Fan, the new catch fan net by Visornets, is a clear example of personnel safety net. It consists in a system system of horizontal nets overlapping each other and supported on metal brackets.

The Visornets’ technical team has taken into account ergonomic aspects reducing to the maximum the weight of the system in comparison with the previous one combining steel and structural aluminium profiles.

Moreover, you can customize textile elements according to your neededs. You can use one, two, or three layers deppending on if you want add debris or tools layers.

A comprehensive solution

When workers are working at heights, it is absolutely necesary to install fall arrest netting. VisorT Evo Fan is a comprehensive solution to provide protection at worksites. This type of safety nets cover a maximum drop height of 6 meters, due to the 3 meter overhang of this system, althought it is advisable to use Visor T-Evo system as close as possible to the work area.

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