Protection System for Bridges and Viaducts with Safety Nets

As we have commented on numerous occasions, the risk of falling from a height is one of the main ones in the field of construction. This risk is even greater in certain jobs that involve greater complexity and height, as occurs for example in the construction of bridges and viaducts.

To undertake this type of works with all the necessary safety guarantees, it is necessary to previously analyze how each task is to be carried out and what individual and collective means of protection must be used in each execution phase.

Safety nets on bridges and viaducts

The placement of safety nets in the construction of bridges and viaducts is essential to guarantee the safety of the operators. Generally they are essential during the phases of execution of structures on roads or railways in service because it is essential that the works are carried out without interfering with the safety of the movement of vehicles, avoiding, for example, the fall of objects to the tracks .

At Visor Fall Arrest Nets we manufacture safety nets type U EN-1263-1 for the protection of falls of people and objects on the road.

These special systems of safety nets on bridges and viaducts consist of:

  • Safety net En 1263.1 type U M100, made of high tenacity polypropylene.
  • Supports for masts: VISOR FALL ARREST NETS designs supports to install masts of safety nets both in double T beams, as in V-type beams or troughs or directly in pre-slabs
  • Safety net masts.
  • Steel cables and carabiners.


There is the possibility that the safety nets come accompanied by anti-debris meshes directly sewn to them.

For any questions about the safety nets on bridges and viaducts, you just have to contact us.

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