Pallet Rack Netting

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Rack Nets

Pallet rack safety netting are increasingly important to provide protection for goods and workers in warehouses.

At Visornets we manufacture rack nets reinforced around the perimeter with a rope, to give it strength.

Rack nets manufactured by Visornets are a strong barrier to improve employees safety on warehouse. In addition, this net prevents objects from falling in passageways or workstations; and keeps the products in place, preventing them from falling into inaccessible areas.


Rack nets are made of high-tenacity polypropylene fibers in different mesh sizes: 100mm, 60mm or 45mm. The different sizes allow Visornets customers to select the one that best suits the needs of their warehouse.

Pallet Rack Netting: breaking force

Mesh Width (mm) Diameter (mm) Breaking Force (N)
100 5 3200
100 3 1250
60 5 3200
45 5 3200

To provide greater resistance to the racking safety nets, we can incorporate a perimeter rope to it. This provides the rack nets with added strength and tension to prevent accidental falling objects.



Pallet Rack Netting: Components

Safety net 

Mesh Sizes:

  • 100 mm
  • 60 mm
  • 45 mm

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