Safety nets and snowfalls

We always link safety nets with worker protection, but they are also interesting for preventing damage from snow accumulation

The main purpose of safety nets is to ensure that no accidents at work occur. However, by looking beyond this, we can use them to prevent other types of occasional accidents that have nothing to do with work.

Episodes of heavy snowfall bring with them the accumulation of significant amounts of snow on the roofs of industrial buildings, sports halls or roofs in general. Moreover, the situation is aggravated when this snow turns into ice sheets due to the drop in temperature.

This means that the roof has to support an excessive weight that can lead to the roof collapsing due to the snow. Moreover, it can cause other types of accidents such as the crushing of some of the workers in a company, or of children who are carrying out a sporting activity or the spectators, parents and friends, who are encouraging them.

For this reason, although safety nets type S are designed to protect workers when installing the roof of a building, they can also have another very important function: to leave it in place indefinitely to prevent the roof from falling off due to excessive weight caused by snow.

For their part, safety nets type U, is designed to prevent the installers of the sheets from falling due to slippage. However, it can also be used to prevent accumulated snow from falling and causing personal injury or material damage outside the building.

Increased safety
For greater security, Visornets recommends the inclusion, by means of stitching, of a polyethylene debris netting in this type of net. In this way, the collapse of the plates and the fall of accumulated snow on the sheets is avoided.


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