Safety nets: expiration date

Weather conditions and chemical agents can cause safety nets to lose their function

In general terms, we understand that the expiration date of a product has arrived when it no longer fulfills its function in optimal conditions. This is precisely what happens with the expiration date of safety nets.

The main function of safety nets is to absorb the energy from falling people or objects on them. This capacity can be diminished by the passage of time and weather conditions or by other factors (chemicals, splashes of incandescent matter, thermal burns …).

Thus, we understand that a safety net expire when the absorption capacity necessary to fulfill its function is over.

Control of the status of safety nets

In order to prevent a safety net from losing its energy absorption capacity, it is essential to carry out regular visual checks on them.

Apart from this constant vigilance, it is necessary to verify the absorption capacity of the safety net annually, to control the effect of the passage of time on it. If the analysis is favorable, it is certified that the safety net can fulfill its function. This certification  lasts for a year, with the possibility of extension.

Verification of safety nets

test-patch-control-safety-netIn order to carry out the annual verification of safety nets, the manufacturer provides 3 test patches with which to analyze the capacity of the safety net.

These test patches come from the same production batch as the safety net in which they are hooked. This is evident thanks to the identification number present on the label of the safety net and test patch.

You have to carry out the first control of the test patches 12 months after the date of manufacture. At Visornets we carry out this first test at no additional cost.

From this first exam, the following evaluations will be carried out every year. If the result of the control of the last test patch is satisfactory, you can use it for another year before permanently removing them.

Expiration of safety nets

In this way, we can conclude that the expiration date of the safety nets will be marked by the breakage or injury of the safety net. Moreove, when the technical analysis of the control patches is unfavorable.

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