Safety nets for height work

Safety nets is the better and more comfortable solution to protect workers for height work

Many organisations in construction industry use safety netting for height works as the preferred form of passive fall protection. Many industrial, commercial, domestic new build and refurbishment building projects are carried out with nets in place for much of the construcction programme.

Safety nets are increasingly used to provide accident protection on construction sites, for height work. They are designed to provide passive fall protection without any activity or cognisant effort on the part of the user who is working at height.

Safety net systems are designed with mesh strong enough to withstand the force of people falling into the net. On the same way, it is made with an appropiate size to avoid any faller suffering undue physical harm from contact with the net. Moreover, keeping in safe with safety nets helps to save time a money

Safety nets for height work at Visornets

At Visornets, we manufacture and provide our safety net systems from our facilities placed in Spain for all over the world. All of our safety nets for height work are manufacture according to european normative EN 1263.1. So we provide safety nets type S, type U, type V and type T, both textile and metallic elements.

System S is a safety netting with a border rope. System U consists of a safety net with a border rope attached to supporting framework for vertical use. On the other hand, system T is a safety net attached on brackets for horizontal use; while the system V is a safety net with a border rope attached to a gallow type support.

At Visornets team, we can adapt our safety nets to your work at height needs, in terms of colour, size or raw material (Polypropilen or Polyamide).

Moreover, our nettings contain test meshes and the mandatory label where you can see information of the net. In that label you also can perceive the safety net identification code, which identificates its production batch.

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