Shade netting

Shade netting utility transcends specific applications: from agriculture to construction and beyond.

Understanding its diverse benefits and adaptable nature is essential for anyone seeking to optimize their endeavors in various fields.

Shade netting benefits

Below we list a series of benefits of using shade nets

  1. Temperature Regulation: Whether it’s providing shade for outdoor seating areas or regulating temperatures in livestock enclosures, shade netting serves as a reliable ally. By mitigating the effects of direct sunlight, it helps maintain comfortable conditions for both humans and animals, enhancing overall well-being and productivity.
  2. UV Protection: Beyond gardens, shade netting finds its place in recreational spaces, offering protection from harmful UV radiation during outdoor activities. From playgrounds to sports fields, its ability to filter out UV rays ensures safer environments for leisure and play, reducing the risk of sunburn and long-term skin damage.
  3. Pest Management: In agricultural settings, shade netting acts as a barrier against pests, minimizing the need for chemical pesticides and promoting sustainable farming practices. Its versatility extends to aquaculture, where it serves as a protective cover for fish ponds, deterring predatory birds and reducing fish stress.
  4. Weather Resilience: From construction sites to outdoor events, unpredictable weather can disrupt plans and jeopardize safety. Shade netting provides a solution by offering shelter from harsh elements such as wind, rain, and hail. Its durable construction ensures reliability in adverse conditions, safeguarding both people and property.
  5. Privacy and Aesthetics: In urban environments, shade netting serves as a versatile tool for enhancing privacy and beautifying outdoor spaces. Whether it’s creating shaded areas in parks and plazas or adding visual interest to architectural facades, its customizable designs and colors contribute to creating inviting and functional environments.

Visornets, shade netting provider

At Visornets, we are shading net providers.

This kind of net is made of virgin high-density polyethylene, and you can find them in 100m lengths rolls with a widths of 1m, 1.5m or 2m.

In our catalog you can find shade nets with a light coverage of 65% and 90%.

Moreover, you can choose among different colours, as you can see below.







The versatility of shade netting offers solutions across diverse fields such as agriculture, construction, recreation, and urban design. By harnessing its capabilities, individuals and industries alike can enhance productivity, safety, and aesthetics in various settings.

Embrace the adaptability of shade netting and unlock its potential to transform spaces and experiences for the better.

Ask for information or shade netting quotation:  contact Visornets technical team.

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