Are there standard size safety nets for construction?

Many of us have surely wondered if there are standard size safety nets for construction.

The truth is that depending on the country, the type of work and the purpose for which a certain safety net has to be used, we find that there are endless sizes in which a safety net has to be made.

Despite the fact that in some countries there are different known sizes of the most common depending on the type of safety net, the reality is that the vast majority of the netting we manufacture at Visornets are not standard size safety nets. In most cases, we manufacture in different sizes and adapt to each site, to avoid falls from heights or to restrain operators in case they fall in their area of ​​influence.

Standard Size Safety Nets Vs Nets With Special Shapes

Sometimes it was even necessary to make nets with particular shapes (triangular, trapezoidal, hexagonal, circular, etc.) for very specific projects.

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