How to avoid falling objects at construction sites?

The injuries that can be produced by falling objects from different levels on a construction site can be very serious, even fatal.

Falling objects is not only dangerous due to its possible impact on a worker, but also because they can cause other types of accidents such as falls due to tripping or slipping.

When it comes to reducing this type of risk, we must apply what is determined by current regulations regarding collective protection systems and, as in almost everything, apply common sense quite a bit.

Tips to avoid falling objects

1. Always wear the right equipment
Avoiding possible injuries always starts with a good kit. You must always wear a safety helmet as it is one of the fundamental safety elements in any work. The tools are always controlled and in the corresponding belt, a belt that must be well fastened. The use of other passive safety measures is also very important, this is where safety nets intervene, which are a very important element when it comes to preventing any type of accident.

2. Do not lower your guard and know the terrain well
Workers should always be vigilant, always look over them and make sure they are not passing through areas where work is active. It is possible that a tool or a load could fall and in many cases the worker does not have time to react. It is also very important that operators report any deficiencies or risks that they may detect while doing their work. Safety is everyone’s job, and workers are the most interested party since it is their physical integrity that is at stake.

3. Be very careful when moving heavy loads
Not only does the worker have to properly secure the load they are working with, but also keep track of other colleagues as their loads progress to detect possible deficiencies. Loads should never pass over other employees even if the person in charge of that load believes they have fully insured it.

4. Signpost
Those areas that are more likely to have objects on the ground, etc. They must be marked so that the operators have them controlled and exercise extreme caution. Any object that has fallen and is in the process of being removed should also be flagged.

5. Maintain cleanliness and tidyly
It may be the simplest action, but it can also be one of the most important. Keeping the workplace clean and tidy is essential to avoid possible accidents. All equipment and tools that are not being used should be removed and stored safely, removing debris, debris, etc. and remove liquid spills that can cause slipping as quickly as possible.

It must be remembered that the impact of an object, no matter how small, that falls at 9.8 m / s can have dire consequences for who receives that impact, even fatal consequences.

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