Safety nets training day at Ecisa

Visornets had the pleasure of giving a training day on safety nets at the Ecisa facilities in Alicante. This experience was verified in its construction site ‘San Juan Beach‘, in the municipality of San Juan (Alicante-Spain).

The head of the Ecisa prevention service and the prevention technician, as well as several of their managers, were present at the training day.

Under the title ‘Safety nets workshop: Basic notions and practical solutions‘, we highlighted the limits in the installation of the different safety net systems, as well as common errors in their execution. It was very remarkable the involvement of the audience during the safety nets training day. In addition, we must add the effort of its organizers and participants to coordinate agendas and attend. Participants came from the construction sites that Ecisa has underway in Alicante, Valencia or Madrid.

It should be noted how constructive and enriching this experience was. For Visornets, knowing first-hand the problems faced by construction companies means that we advance as an organization. At the same time, listening to words of thanks makes us proud; reciprocal gratitude, because being heard is also more so if possible.

More than nets.

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