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We, at Visornets, produce our safety nets enterely in Spain and supply it all around the world

At Visornets we are construction safety nets suppliers. As construction safety nets suppliers, we produce in our factory in Spain nets appropriated to keep in safe construction workers throught different protective systems.

We produce safety nets systems for construction sites accordingly to european standard EN 1263.1 and 1263.2. Theese standards regulate temporary works equipment. It is specifically about safety nets and its safety requirements and test methods.

Thus, the applications of our safety nets are indicated from new build or refurbishment, to steel framed building or specialist installations, among other.

As a construction safety nets supplier, Visornets supplies its products all over the world. Ask for more information to our Sales Department at [email protected].

For sales and support you can contact us at [email protected]

Safety nets for construction sites

Safety net Type S

This kind of safety net has a rope as a border and it is used in horizontal places, such as metal structures in industrial buildings, skylights, inner courtyards or building gaps. You can use this type of safety net on sites such as bridges, viaducts, flyovers of civil works.

Like all of our safety nets, Type S is made of  high tenacity nylon/polyamide or polypropylene, both with anti UV treatment.

If you need more information, you can contact to our Sales Departament at [email protected].

Visornets safety net for construction site

Safety net Type T

Visornets, as construction safety nets supplier and manufacturer, has developed Visor T Evo Fan, the new model of safety net type T. This system, also known as catch fan system, consists in a safety net attached on brackets for horizontal use.

Visor T Evo Fan is designed to, in case a person falls, arrest him without produce a collision with metallic elements.

Request more information about Visor T Evo Fan at [email protected].

visor t evo fan render visornets


Safety net Type U

The safety net Type U is a system attached to supporting framework for a vertical use. The vertical poles, railings and nets compose a protection system according to the standard EN 13374 class C for temporary edge protection systems.

This system is certified in the event of working on sloping roofs >10º. It has different applications, such as for the photovoltaic industry and protection for bridges and viaducts.

For more information about this system, you can contact us.

safety net type U by visornets

Safety net type V

Visornets, as construction safety nets provider, has designed its type V safety net system. This system consists in a safety net with border rope attached to a gallow as a support. The goal of this system is to lessen the effects of falling person and/or avoid falling objects in personnel transit areas inside work or on public roads.

The mesh size is 100 mm. There is no problem combining this main network with a debris mesh, which acts as a windbreaker, an important point in construction sites with certain wind conditions.

You can request more info about this system to Visornets’ Sales Department, at [email protected].

safety net v

Protective nets

Vertical nets

Visornets, as a contruction safety net suppliers, also supplies protective nets, such as vertical nets. This system does not stop workers or objets falls, it prevents them.

This certified system can use when the floors are not cased yet, and nets can stay in place right up to the installation of the windows. Moreover, it is a useful system for protecting stairs wells or elevator shafts, among others.

With this net, we can add another lay, especifically a debris mesh, to avoid the fall of particles.

scaffold netting for concealment of perimeter fences

Formwork safety system

This system protects from falls at different levels during the implementation of the formwork.

Thus, Visor Fall Arrest Nets has two types of under structure nets: non-reusables (Class A) and reusables under structure protection nets (Class B). Class A are made for installations in forged type beam – slab. Contrary, Class B are installed with steel anchoring elements directily to the strut, they are available in different sizes.

If you have any doubt, you can consult our Sales Department at the email [email protected].

protective net formwork safety net


That is a system, that has had a so fast increament, is a perfect way to access to hard areas, avoiding other solutions such as scaffolding or Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWP).

Moreover, the Walk-on-nets or Tensioned Access Platfom (TAP), with an adequate system edge protection, can be combined with debris meshes. That double lay make possible to carry out work independently of the activities carried out at lower levels.

If this system interests you, at Visornets, as a construction safety nets supplier, we can provide it. Ask for more information at [email protected]

TAP protective net maximun sag

Debris and cover nets

We are also suppliers of protective debris nets. Theese systems are indicated for protecting fences or scaffolds in construction sites. They are made of of high-density polyethylene.

Moreover, you can impressed your logo in this kind of safety nets. You have more information about that in the post titled Scaffolding nets with custom logo.

To know more about that system and all its construction sites application, you can contact with us.

scaffold netting for concealment of perimeter fences

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