About Us

Visornets is born as result of the alliance of a group of enthusiastic professionals with the motivation of bringing to life a new project with renewed ideas.

A young but experienced team

We are a young company, and therefore willing to work hard and with enthusiasm innovating in systems and developing new products in an efficient and sustainable manner. However, we also have different and noticeable experiences in this sector that allow us to take decisions with criteria and have the training needed to know and support our customers.


The Visor Nets team is formed by a wide spectrum of professionals. We count with net craftsmen, skillful welders, marketing specialists and engineers; each one contributing with its attributes and characteristics to help the company offer high level solutions.

A family company

At Visor Nets we consider ourselves a family. We count on on each other, and we look towards giving the maximum from each of us, as well as we expect it from our team mates. This way, we manage to construct a strong and solid team that works for the same aims, capable of offering a much customized service to each customer.

R + D + I

In the pursuit of excellence, we are constantly searching and incorporating new methods and production systems that can provide us with better results and efficiency. Visor Nets operates worldwide, therefore our reach has no frontiers, and proof of that is our modern machinery brought from different continents. The binomial (R+D+I) + craftsmanship grant our product and services with supreme quality.