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Formwork net certified system

Formwork safety systems consist of safety nets for protection from falls at different levels in the implementation of the formwork during the process of assembling of formwork system.


Visor Fall Arrest Nets has two types of under structure nets:

Class A “non-reusable” under structure protection nets, which are single-use safety nets for under structure. For installation in forged type beam – slab.

Class B “reusable” under structure safety nets, installed with steel anchoring elements directly to the strut. For the installation in frame formwork, they are supplied in different sizes according to the separation between struts.


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Net Finishes

Knotless Polypropylene

One Layer – Knotless Polypropylene

Technical Datasheet

Knotless Formwork Safety Net type BFBQ100 PP

Raw material mesh100% high-tenacity polypropylene
Type of netKnotless
Energy of the netB
Configuration of the meshSquare “Q”
Size of the mesh100 mm
Diameter of the mesh rope5 mm
Minimum breaking force of the mesh rope2.2 kN
Breaking energy of the net4.91 kJ
Raw material border rope100% polysteel
Breaking strength border rope7.5 kN (rope type O according to EN 1263.1)
Diameter of the border rope6 mm
Net dimensionsAppear on the label of the net
Manufacturing date of the netAppears on the label of the net
UV treatmentYes (300 klY)
ColourGreen / Blue / Red / Yellow
Weight210 gr/m2