General features


Mesh: Series of ropes arranged in a basic geometric pattern (either in squares or diamonds) with four knots or connecting points, forming a net.

Net: Connection of meshes.

Safety Net: Net supported by a border rope, other supporting elements or a combination of these designed to catch persons falling from a height.

Mesh size (IM): Distance between two knots or connections of a mesh rope measured from the centre to the centre of these connections.

Class: Classification of the net with regard to energy absorption capacity and mesh size.

Nets classification: This standard specifies 4 classes of net with maximum mesh sizes (IM) and nominated values of energy which may act on the net (EA and EB) as follows:

  • Class A1: EA = 2,3 KJ; IM = 60 mm

  • Class A2: EA = 2,3 KJ; IM = 100 mm

  • Class B1: EB= 4,4 KJ; IM= 60 mm

  • Class B2: EB= 4,4 KJ; IM= 100 mm


  • S Safety net with border rope

  • T Safety net attached on brackets for horizontal use

  • U Safety net attached to supporting framework for vertical use

  • V Safety nets with border rope attached to a gallow type support

  • FN Formwork net

  • FT Filet sous-toiture

  • WN Walk-on net / Platform net / work positioning net

  • VN Vertical net

  • TO Tools net

  • DE Debris mesh

  • CO Cover mesh

Colours available in blue / green. Other colours please consult availability before ordering.