Safety Net Type U – VISOR-U

  • Safety net Type U System – Visor-U
  • Safety net fan Type-U – Visor-U

Safety net EN-1263-1 type U

System based on a safety net attached to supporting framework for vertical use.


Together with vertical poles and railings is conformed a protection system for the edges of the structure according to the standard EN 13374 class C certified system in the event of working on sloping roofs >10º

VISOR NETS designs and produces various systems of collective protection with certified nets EN-1263.1 for different applications including those designed for the photovoltaic industry and protection for bridges and viaducts.


Safety net EN-1263.1 UA2Q100 or UB1Q60, made of high tenacity nylon/polyamide or polypropylene.

Supporting frameworks. VISOR FALL ARREST NETS designs brackets to install safety nets type U to many surfaces.

Net Finishes

Knotless Polypropylene

One Layer – Knotless Polypropylene

Two Layers – Knotless Polypropylene