Safety Net Type S – VISOR-S

  • Safety Net Type S – Metallic Structure – VISOR-S
  • Safety Net Type S – Steel Decking – VISOR-S
  • Safety Net Type S – Shaft – VISOR-S

EN 1263.1 Safety net type S

Safety net with border rope for horizontal use, made of high tenacity nylon/polyamide or polypropylene and with anti UV treatment.

This type of net is usually placed on sites such as industrial buildings, bridges, viaducts, flyovers of civil works, etc. The usual thing is to use bespoke nets, to better fit the needs of the work site.


Fall arrest system useful for the installation of metal structures in industrial buildings, skylights, inner courtyards or building gaps.


Safety net EN-1263.1 SA2Q*

Mesh Sizes:

  • 100 mm
  • 80 mm
  • 60 mm

*The safety standard EN-1263.1 defines the minimum size of the net whose shortest side shall exceed 5 meters and its surface more than 35 m2.

Tie rope Certified EN 1263.1. Rope for securing the border rope of the net to a suitable support of the structure (trusses or arcades).

  • Type M. (minimum tensile strenght > 30 kN)
  • Type Z. (minimum tensile strenght > 15 kN) (used with double load branch)

Coupling rope. Certified EN 1263-1 type O (minimum tensile strenght 7.5 kN). It joins two or more safety nets.

Net Finishes

Knotless Polypropylene

One Layer – Knotless Polypropylene

Two Layers – Knotless Polypropylene

Three Layers – Knotless Polypropylene

Knotted Polyamide

One Layer – Knotted Polyamide

Two Layers – Knotted Polyamide

Three Layers – Knotted Polyamide

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