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Vertical net certified system

System of protection nets which does not stop falls, it prevents them. It is a system of restriction of movements.


This system is used for fall protection in the closing of buildings on floors that are already uncased and it can stay in place right up to the installation of the windows.

Useful system for the protection of stairs wells, elevator shafts, etc…

This system should be shared with the V-type for the uncasing of the lower level to prevent the fall of people or elements of formwork (props, posts, girders, etc.) into the void.


The protection nets for boundary fencing can be made with anti rubble mesh to avoid the fall of particles.

Net Finishes

Knotless Polypropylene

One Layer – Knotless Polypropylene

Two Layers – Knotless Polypropylene

Technical Datasheet

Knotless Vertical Net A2Q100 PP

Raw material mesh 100% high-tenacity polypropylene
Type of net Knotless
Energy of the net A2
Configuration of the mesh Square “Q”
Size of the mesh 100 mm
Diameter of the mesh rope 5 mm
Minimum breaking force of the mesh rope 2.2 kN
Breaking energy of the net 4.91 kJ
Raw material border rope 100% polysteel
Breaking strength border rope 7.5 kN (rope type O according to EN-1263.1:2014)
Diameter of the border rope 6 mm
Net dimensions Appear on the label of the net
Manufacturing date of the net Appears on the label of the net
UV treatment Yes (300 klY)
Colour Green / Blue / Red / Yellow
Weight 210 gr/m2

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