Walk-On Net

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Walk-on nets certified system

Walk-on nets, also known as platform nets or positioning nets are made of high tenacity nylon or polypropylene with anti-UV treatment.


Safety netting designed for work at heights inaccesible by more traditional methods such as scaffolding or construction lifts.

Walk-on nets were created to provide a comforable walking surface with greater freedom of movement and ensuring a safe place to work.


Tie rope. Certified EN1263-1 type M (minimum tensile strenght 30 kN), or type Z (minimum tensile strenght 15kN) used with double load branch, to securing the border rope of the net to a suitable support of the structure (trusses or arcades) in the case of industrial constructions.

Coupling rope. EN1263-1 type O (minimum tensile strenght 7.5 kN). It joins two or more safety nets together.

Net Finishes

Knotless Polypropylene

One Layer – Knotless Polypropylene


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Two Layers – Knotless Polypropylene


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Technical Datasheet

Knotless Walk-on Net B1Q45 PP

Raw material mesh 100% high-tenacity polypropylene
Type of net Knotless
Energy of the net B1
Configuration of the mesh Square “Q”
Size of the mesh 45 mm
Diameter of the mesh rope 5 mm
Minimum breaking force of the mesh rope 2.2 kN
Breaking energy of the net 4.4 kJ
Raw material border rope 100% polysteel
Breaking strength border rope 30 kN (rope type K according to EN-1263.1:2014)
Diameter of the border rope 13 mm
Net dimensions Appear on the label of the net
Manufacturing date of the net Appears on the label of the net
UV treatment Yes (300 klY)
Colour Green
Weight 395 gr/m2

This type of net is a new way to accesing difficult work locations such as:

  • Outdoor Sports Stadiums
  • Indoor Events Halls
  • Below deck structures (bridges, viaducts, oil platforms, etc)
  • Roofing structural works.

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