Safety Net Type T – VISOR T-EVO FAN

  • Visor T-EVO Safety net CATCH FAN System – Simple anchor in upper and lower slabs
  • Visor T-EVO Safety net CATCH FAN System – Double anchor in upper slab
  • Catch fan fall arrest net type T-EVO FAN

Safety net EN-1263-1 type T-EVO FAN

VISOR NETS has designed and produced this fall arrest system for people and objects consisting in a safety net attached on brackets for horizontal use, called “Visor T-EVO FAN”.


Thanks to the Visor Fall Arrest Nets’ design team efforts, we are delighted to introduce the new VisorT Evo System to you as a collective protection element conceived to minimize the falling of operators to a different level in vertical.


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During the development of this system, apart from all the technical aspects required by the current standard EN 1263.1:2014, the Visornets’ technical team has also taken into account ergonomic aspects reducing to the maximum the weight of the system in comparison with the previous one combining steel and structural aluminium profiles. As a result, we obtain a 100% Spanish, versatile and of easy installation and handling manufacturing system which will provide you a simple and effective solution.


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Visor-T Evo product is a collective protection system that includes:

» Textile elements (safety netting)
» Metallic structures (steel and aluminium tubes)

This system contains all accessories needed for installation.

The VisorT Evo system is not limited to the anchoring elements that we initially propose to you. On the contrary, our technical department, aware of the peculiarities of the constructive projects, is able to develop other anchors for different kinds of works.

Anchoring system VISOR T-EVO FAN

Simple anchor in upper and lower slabs


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Double anchor in upper slab


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Net Finishes

Knotless Polypropylene

One Layer – Knotless Polypropylene

Two Layers – Knotless Polypropylene

Three Layers – Knotless Polypropylene


The system is designed so that in the event of impact with a person, there is never a collision with the metallic elements that make them up.

VISOR NETS offers their customers a layout or disposition of T type net systems.

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