Adjustable U Type System for edge protection with safety nets

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The “Adjustable Arm” system with U type safety nets is designed to protect the edges of buildings during construction or maintenance, eliminating the possible risk of workers falling from heights and the risks derived from falling objects.

The positioning of the system allows complete mobility of workers over the protected area in all work operations.


adjustable-u-type-system-safety-netsOur “Adjustable Arm” edge protection system has been designed in compliance with the requirements of the UNE EN 1263 1 standard regarding “U” type safety nets and the requirements of the UNE EN 13374 class C standard regarding “Adjustable Arm” support to the metallic nets.





General components:

  • Contrabase
  • Metallic structure support
  • Graduated base plate
  • Forearm 0.50 / 1 lm
  • Articulated arm 2 / 2.50 lm
  • Non articulated arm 1.50 / 2.50
  • Arm extender 1.0 lm
  • U type safety net

Auxiliary components:

  • L/M type tie rope used to secure the safety net to the site structure.
  • N/O type coupling rope used to join two or more safety nets together.
  • Threaded rods + fixing nuts
  • Tensioning straps + ratchets and carabiners.

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