BesSystem – Slab Edge Protection Screen System

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BesSystem, slab edge protection screen system

The Bessystem is a vertical screen system with safety nets designed by the Visornets engineering team in accordance with the technical-mechanical requirements of the UNE EN 13374 class B standard with intermediate protection made up of UNE EN 1263.1 type U A2 safety nets Q100.

Bessystem is a system manufactured entirely in Europe, the safety nets being produced at our plant in Alicante (Spain) and the metal elements are manufactured in Bergamo (Italy).


Safe system. It is a system that prevents falls, thus placing it in the highest hierarchy of protection systems.

Great adaptability. Bessystem can be installed in any type of vertical work.

Lightweight system. It is made up of aluminum profiles that give it great lightness, enabling initial assembly, lifting to upper floors and disassembly it is possible by hand, without the need for any other auxiliary means such as tower cranes. BesSystem installation does not interfer with other jobs.

Economic system. Its lightness allows a higher rate of installation with fewer operators and without the use of personnel in charge of handling tower cranes,  which can be used 100% for the production of the work.

System committed to the environment. As it is a system whose structural elements have a high quality, they can be reused in countless projects, reducing the carbon footprint.


Safety net EN 1263.1 type U A2 Q100

Mesh size: 100mm

Diameter: 5mm

Breaking Strength: 3200N

Metallic elements.


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