Safety nets for sale

At Visor Fall Arrest Nets we manufacture and suply safety nets for construction sites according to EN 1263.1 and 1263.2

We, at Visornets, are safety nets for construction sites’ manufacturers under UNE EN 1263.1 and 1263.2 requirements. We sale all over the world safety nets systems to prevent or avoid people or objets falls in construction sites.

Thus, we use the best yarn in the market. We produce our safety nets using polypropylene and polyamide high tenacity, both treated with the most exigent UV treatment.

We make safety nets according to your needs: colors, sizes, types, fiber type …

For more information or advice, you can contact us or write an email to our sales department: [email protected]

Safety net catalogue

As a result of this, at Visornets we have the following catalogue of safety nets for sale.

Safety Net Type S

safety net type S by visornets

Safety net with a border rope, for horizontal use. It is usually place on metallic or concrete structure, or steel deck. Lilkewise, it can also install on industrial building, bridges, flyovers of civil works or viaducts, among other.

Safety Net Type T – VisorT Evo Fan

safety net type T by visornets

This system, also known as catch fan, consists in a safety net attached on brackets for horizontal use. The system is completely made in Spain, with the best materials, both textile and metallic, to arrest people or objets falls.

Safety net Type U

safety net type U by visornets

System conformed by poles and railings. It provides protection for the edge of the structures, according to the standard EN 13374. It has different aplications, for instance for protection in photovoltaic industry, bridges and viaducts.

Safety net Type V

safety net v

Safety net with border rope attached to a gallow type support. This system stops people and objets falls at a maximum of 6 meters. However, a maximum height of 3 meters is recommended.