Debris on the safety net: a situation to avoid

The presence of debris within safety nets poses significant risks that cannot be overlooked.

While safety nets are indispensable for catching falling individuals, they also serve as catch-alls for descending debris. This debris, if allowed to accumulate unchecked, can wreak havoc on the integrity of the net, potentially leading to dire consequences.

Debris on safety nets: hazards

The dangers associated with debris in safety nets are manifold:

  • Injury Hazard: Debris left unattended in the net poses a direct threat to any individual who might fall onto it. Sharp or heavy objects can cause serious injuries upon impact.
  • Excessive Deflection: Beyond overloading, the presence of debris can cause the net to deflect excessively upon impact. This not only compromises the effectiveness of the net but also increases the potential fall distance, exacerbating the risk of injury.
  • Overloading Risk: The accumulation of debris adds weight to the safety net, increasing the likelihood of overloading. An overloaded net is at risk of failing to adequately support the weight of a falling person, leading to catastrophic consequences.

What to do when debris falls on the safety net?

In the event of debris falling onto a safety net, swift action is imperative:

  • Immediate Work Stoppage: All work activities above and below the affected area must cease immediately to prevent further risks.
  • Prompt Debris Removal: The debris must be promptly removed from the safety net to eliminate the hazards it presents.
  • Thorough Inspection: Following debris removal, a comprehensive inspection of the net by a competent individual is essential to assess any potential damage sustaine

However, it is recommended to have a person on site who is responsible for keeping the networks free of debris, and to carry out the indicated measures to avoid accidents caused by this accumulation of debris.

At Visornets we manufacture safety nets according to EN 1263.1 standard. Ask for more info or quotation, here.


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