PVC advertising tarpaulins

PVC advertising tarpaulins are an excellent way to promote your business or event and show the public any type of advertising message, publicizing your products or services, or simply your corporate image.

These PVC tarpaulins represent a versatile, durable and economical solution for outdoor advertising. The material with which they are made, PVC, is light but strong, resistant to water and UV rays, and easy to transport and store.

At Visornets we offer the possibility of printing your logo or advertising message in high quality on frontlit and micro-perforated canvases.

Frontlit Tarps

Frontlit-Tarps-printed-visornetsPVC frontlit tarpaulins are an excellent medium on which to print any type of logo or advertising design.

These canvases provide excellent print quality, ensuring designs look sharp and vibrant. With superior strength and durability than other fabrics, frontlit tarps are ideal for outdoor applications such as advertising banners, vehicle covers and many other uses.

At Visornets we offer the possibility of printing your logo or any type of advertising design on this type of PVC canvas. Additionally, we can embed metal eyelets in the reinforced edge of these tarps to make placing them in place more easily.



Micro-perforated tarpaulins

Micro-perforated-tarpaulins-printed-logo-visornetsMicroperforated tarpaulin is a type of tarpaulin made of PVC material. It is an excellent choice for outdoor applications due to its superior print quality and durability.

The microperforations allow air to pass through the material, making it more breathable and safe, avoiding the sail effect.

At Visornets we offer the possibility of printing high-quality personalized designs on them, which makes it an excellent option for promotional purposes. In addition, it can also be supplied with metal grommets along the entire reinforced perimeter for easy installation and use.




For more information about the characteristics of tarps and quotation, contact the Visornets technical team.

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