Visor T Evo Fan: the safety catch fan net by Visornets

One of the reasons why Visornets has its motto “More than Nets” is just because we are more than a company who produces nets. Of course In Visornets we do safety nets but even more than safety nets, what we do are SAFETY NETTING SYSTEMS.

As a result of that constant work in Visornets, we take pleasure to introduce our newest type T system VisorT Evo, also known as catch fan nets or safety net fan systems.

VisorT Evo is a collective safety netting system for minimizing the effects of the falls of the workers. In addition, the design of the system helps to prevent the material falling during the construction of a building, too. In short, in Visornets we protect the life of your workers, pederastrian and your reputation as a trust company.

Thus, we offer the full package, not only the safety net and others the structure, but the complete system, which fully guarantees the validity of the main solution by Visornets.

Our catch fan net system, VisorT Evo, is a combination of aluminum, steel and our safety nets EN 1263.1 type T Q60. It means a very light version in the way is easy to erect, handling up, move or uninstall. In other words, the system contains all the accesories needed for installation.

On the other hand, we can say proudly this system is 100% produced in Spain, at Visornets’ facilities. It is completely made with steel and aluminum from Spanish factories, being the traceability of our system fully completed and reputable as well.

In conclusion, it will provide you a simple and effective solution.

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Visor T Evo – Layouts

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