Protective debris netting

Protective debris netting is the perfect solution to protect workers and pedestrian near construction sites from rubble or particles of powder falls

In construction sites, the main use of protective debris netting is avoiding falls of powder and othe elements to a lower level, what could cause major accidents.

This kind of nets protects hardous sites especially for those people who do not work on construction site, such as pedestrian or passers-by. Beyond of rubble and another type of materials, debris net  collects different types of particles including powder, which can produce injuries in the eyes.

Debris nets materials

Debris nets are made generally by a strong and durable plastic. Some of the materials that gather theese features are Polyester, High density polyethylene, Polypropylene or PVC coated polyester, among others.

Debris nets are available in different colours (blue or green). It is also possible to manufacture it incorporating the company logo to improve its branding. On other occasions, images of the building’s façade behind it, the project, advertisements, etc. can be incorporated.

Protective debris netting benefits

There are a lot of benefits in the implementation of debris net in a construction sites. We list some of them:

– It offers a safety contention of debris. In this way, the net protects not only workers but also passers-by or elements like cars.

– This is a versatile and easy-installing system: its placement could be in vertical or horizontal. Moreover, it is an economical system takin into account the advantages it offers.

–  The edges are reinforced with eyelets, facilitating it placement in a scaffold through nylon ties or wires.

– The air can cross the debris net. Thus, it allows the scaffold ventilation and reduces the action of the wind on the operators who work there.

– Debris net protects workers from direct sunlight, while allowing the necessary light to pass through to work without any problem. In the same way, it provides some protection from inclement weather.

Uses of debris nets beyond construction sites

Beyond construction sites, debris nets can use as a protective element in others sectors or even at home.

It could use like a protect element at greenhouse or allotment, avoiding the free entrance of animals or insercts. This net can also be used to keep our pools or ponds clean of leaves, or as a shading element for your garden.

To know more about all of theese uses of debris nets, measures or prices, you can contact us at [email protected].

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