Do S-type nets resist an impact of a 24 kg ball thrown from a height of 25 meters?

Sometimes our clients and collaborators ask us if it would resist the impact of an object less than 100 kgs but at a higher height, as in this case, which is 25 meters.From Visor we can only argue that what we have tested are tests according to the relevant standard and system of a mass of 100 kgs at a maximum of 7 meters. Therefore, it is not possible to calculate the deformation since it is about textile elements subject to metal frames, against which it can only be proved.

In this case, the client wanted to know if our type S safety net with a double layer of anti-debris mesh could withstand an impact of 24 kgs at 25 meters, since the net was installed to protect pedestrians from possible falls of tools or materials. Given this, we proposed to do a load test of the installed system as it was going to be in reality.

Therefore, two tests were carried out with a 24 kg ball and a 12 kg ball. from 25 meters high. It is curious to observe how in the case of the impact of the 12 kg ball, the net and the complete system caused an excessive rebound, which is due to the fact that the net was oversized, that is, it had a much higher energy absorption capacity. to that generated on impact and the sphere bounces excessively.

However, in the most restrictive test, when a 24 kg ball is thrown at the same height, 25 meters, an impact energy is generated twice that of the previous one. The safety net and its system work better since it has a better design to absorb the energy of the impact itself and that is why the safety net collects it better by the mass, without producing that excessive rebound in the previous example.

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