SAFETY NETS : Certified system V Type

For several years now in Spain has been used Safety Net System V, commonly called the gibbet type, fundamentally used in the phase of execution of the structural building works.

It is a protection system that is especially effective in avoiding falls from workers when they are laying the boundary panels of the structural formwork and although this is not the only protection that can be used to avoid risks, it is presently the most used system.

However, one has to highlight that, although this system is used on many building sites, on many occasions, its’ fitting is quite faulty, which causes that the decrease of risks isn’t adequate. In this sense, it is fundamental to analyze not only the elements that are used for proper fitting, but also its’ disposition and finally to take into account other aspects that guarantee that the installation has been carried out adequately too.

Despite some studies on this safety system, these have been focused mainly on the strength of its’ different components or on the procedure of placement of the safety nets. However this has shown up a very important part, and to us a fundamental one which is the installation of the system.

The installation of a certified Type V safety net system requires expert professionals who with their experience guarantee an adequate fitting of the different elements it is composed of. A deficient fitting of these safety systems can cause serious accidents in the work place.

In the installation of Type V Certified systems one must take in account that :
Due to the fact that each site has its’ own specific geometry and execution procedure, it is necessary to carry out a specific study to establish which type of materials have to be used to situate the system V safety nets, as well as their relocating and fitting system.

It is very important to foresee, sufficiently in advance, the materials necessary to install the system and fit the required elements for its’ anchoring during the phase of structural concrete casing at the prescribed distance. If this prevision is not carried out, serious problems may be encountered to continue with the works in adequate safety conditions.

One has to justify the chosen protection system, which is why we recommend the use of a system that is certified in accordance with the standard UNE-IN 1263-1.

In VISOR FALL ARREST NETS, we are experts in the installation of Certified Type V Safety Nets Systems. If you wish for more information, please contact us.

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